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we got 30%…..

May 13, 2013

Do you immediately know what I mean?!  30%.  We got 30%!

Kohl’s.  Our Kohl’s coupon is 30%, starting tomorrow for one week, 30% off everything in Kohls.

Whew.  The last few have been only 15% or 20%.   Hardly worth trekking over to the local Kohls for that.  Seriously, new 15% and 20%  Kohls coupons show up weekly.

But 30%.  Now that is meaningful.  We have already opened the conversation and discussion about what to buy with our coupon.  Certainly we will check out the clothing and accessories.  It is the other parts of the store that become intriguing with a 30% coupon.  Should we get new throw rugs?  More toss pillows for the sofas?  Bedding?  Towels?  What do we need for the kitchen?  Am I close enough to the end of a self imposed candle moratorium (meaning my inventory of unburned candles is excessive) to spend time in that department?  Should we buy more picture frames? 

Whoa.  Get a grip.  2013 is the year of the purge.  Clean it up, clear it out, reduce. 

Clever marketers, those folks at Kohls.  They have my attention and once I enter the portals of the store, they likely have my money as well. 

We may actually discover a uselful item at a fair price.   No matter how fair the price, Kohls is not going to be losing money.  They are savvy corporate business people with a very sophisticated computer program.  30% off, yes.  But 30% off what number?  Years of shopping at Kohls have proven that the fabulous sale price is often the everyday price at other retailers. 

Back in the day I was a buyer for a major NYC retailer.  We travelled the world in the heyday of sportswear growth designing and ordering fashion forward items and fashion basics for our customers.  My department carried a turtle neck sweater in 20 colors.  We sold it for $24 at the beginning of the season.  Ran a major promotion in the fall catalog, 25% off, selling the sweater by the thousands for $18.  Cleared out the leftovers before Christmas at 50% off the original price, selling the sweater for $12. 

Good value?  Yes.  However the sweater arrived loaded landed at a total cost of $6 per sweater.  See what I mean?  A very profitable item from the initial markup of 400% to the final piece sold with only a 100% markup.  And that was before China!

Maybe we’ll stay home.


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