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newbie at the writer’s workshop….

May 9, 2013

I did it!  I signed up and I showed up!  6:30 at the library, ready to go, 3 blog entries printed and ready to read. 

Writing is popular!  The group has been meeting for over 3 years, however new publicity brought several new attendees to this months meeting. 

We were a mixed bag of ages, experience, and interests.  Several have published books already!  Two of the members have their books on the library shelves!  A few write for their own enjoyment, telling the stories of their families.  One came with her attitude, arriving annoyed that because she is not famous, her book is not finding a publisher.   Some belong to multiple writing groups and one took a week long writing course in Door County last summer. 

The format is structured.  Four members a month bring in copies of their writing, so that everyone present has a printed copy.  The member reads the selection and the others carefully react.  Printed guidelines are handed out for critique.  The moderator controls the process as the selection is discussed.  Comments have much to do with content, did the selection resonate?  Additional comments are written on the printed copies and returned to the author.

OH, so I don’t get to just walk in and read… OK, I am signed up for July.  That will give me another month to observe, participate and learn before reading a selection of my writing to the group.

The session ran for over 2 hours and afterwards one of the new attendees approached me.  My self introduction included the admission that I have not written since being editor of my high school newspaper decades ago, mentioned my blog as my pathway to the discipline of writing and closed with my desire to write the stories of people near end of life.  She, Joanne, specifically came up to tell me what a wonderful idea she thought this was and I, not shy, pulled out one of my blogs, on grandpa and asked her to read the first paragraphs..

She read and responded, ‘this is shut up and write’ writing… What does that mean?, I asked with trepidation.  Is that good or bad?  Very good she said, get right to it, grab your audience and keep writing.   Her writing coach/mentor has a book titled,  ‘Shut up and Write’.  I will be on Amazon today looking for this book!

What a great evening, listening to the others writing, and the comments, I know that I have far to go… Yet, I feel validatated, on the path.. moving forward… writing with my voice.



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  1. Great for you

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