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nasty drivers……. really?

April 25, 2013

It’s my day off, see previous post (linking to come… ), a rare spend it the way I wish, wander about kind of day.  Of course it had to start with mandatory weigh in at weight watchers… that is always a grump maker… but over for another month, and plenty of time to recover after the cruise…

but I digress… my  errand list was coming along gently with time to visit, chat, smell the roses as it were, until… as I passed in front of the grocer, heeding the stop for pedstrians in the crosswalk sign, of which there were none, so there was no stop..

a person in a black car.. went crazy nuts wild.. a madman within his closed up locked up vehicle, screaming, mouthing words that could only be unkind, pointing, gesticulating… obviously out of control, furious.  Why?  Well, it appears he thought I should have stopped so he could enter the flow of traffic.  Clearly he had not read the sign, it was for pedestrians… motorists, figure it out on your own…

I could muster no heat in return.. only sadness for the smallness of a life that could so easily reach such an intensity of fury.  It was the second such incident in a week.  the previous on a neighborhood street with construction that required a merge.  that’s how that works, you merge… not up to the end of the lane, but at a reasonable place back in the row, you merge.  the lady in the vehicle to the left of me didn’t agree with merging… I wasn’t pushing in, waiting my turn, yet she unleashed the same wild, arms waving, mouth contorted, barage of silent rage from within her auto.  She added the ‘finger’… and hit the gas..

I could muster no heat in return, only sadness and deep unease at the level of anger in my community… I live in a suburb of Chi town… where people work, where foreclosures are not the norm, where residents have what they need and access to much.  Where does such anger come from?  This cannot bode well.  How have we as a community become so impatient, so angry?

And if we are angry, then those with no work, no home, no retirement plan would likely have even more frustration, fright, fear and nowhere to put it within their broken communites, but rage.. lashing out, hurtful rage.

This is not the post I planned to write as my final before leaving town post… Life rarely goes as planned… but if we cannot come to a place of understanding the personal destruction caused by unneccesary anger, and pull back, we are doomed.  We have all had the moment of feeling abused, mistreated, and responded by cutting the guy off, not letting the merger merge, gunning the engine… and hopefully ruefully realized that our behavior was innappropriate to the action.   That, likely, the excess anger came from another source, bad day at work, difficult family dynamic or trying to do too much in too short a time.

Next time, that feeling begins to bubble, the beat of your heart, the tightening of muscles… please.. take a deep breath… back off, let the guy in.. don’t respond… For you, for your health… and for the sake of our community, our future…



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