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i made a salad…

April 20, 2013

it is amazing what you can do when you have TIME… before I made the salad I went to the GYM… on my own, no scheduled trainer or class… and I RAN for 15 minutes… not in a row… walk 5 run 5… wooeee, and I can move today1

then I went to the grocer, marianos, and wandered the produce section… I wandered and looked and wandered and thought and wandered and chose… then home to make salad(s). different cause DH only eats plain lettuce, preferably from a bag with carrots… I eat all kinds of lettuce, weeds, spring mix, spinach, bib… yum… DH eats plain, are you surprised?, veggies, I eat all veggies, chopped and tossed. DH adds only plain zesty italian, zesty is a recent upgrade for him, I use various tasty dressings, fat free TJs sesame ginger soy last night…

it’s amazing we have survived so many decades together….!

the salad was so very good, it has been MONTHS since I have made a salad at home… or possibly even eaten a salad out… Salad in winter does not entice me, soup entices me, mac and cheese entices me, chocolate entices me… which is why salad and running are looking like my future!!!!

talking to myself this morning, I do this frequently, I am running a mantra in my mind with regard to vaca… vaca is a spa vaca, not a food vaca. a cruise ship has as many ACTIVITIES as it has food emporiums. I am on vaca to relax, recharge and run… lettuce included, chocolate not so much!

look for me on the zip line and the flow rider, not on the buffet line! look for me walking the stairs, not on the elevator.

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