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when writing goes astray

April 13, 2013

I got lost in my grocery post yesterday…  I may have had a destination for my ‘article’, but I didn’t get there.. or anywhere.  Along the writing, the path of the story wandered, extraneous info filtered in, too many sidelights became highlights.  This was not going to be a novel, so it turned into 500 words of drivel.

Not a pleasure to reread, should perhaps be ‘moved to trash’, see post on that (still not a skilled linker, even after lesson from DD), not my best work.  It is though a part of the body of my work,  if I ‘move to trash’, I will be able to forget my digressions, pretend that I am a better writer than I am.  So it will stay, as a reminder, as a lesson, as a bit of wry honesty.   91 posts does not hemingway make, or nicholas sparks either.

As I started this post, my thought was to take it toward tightness, writing concisely.  Researching publication standards, ah ego alive and well, I came across a most generous blogger who shared information on appropriate word counts for various types of writing.  She clearly indicated new writers tend to write too many words.    Skill as a writer is not necessarily how many pages you fill, but what you say.  I will keep that in mind.

However, there is a bigger lesson here for me.  A lesson that imperfection is ok.  I will keep the post on groceries, perhaps learn to be comfortable with its mediocrity.  I accept the post as part of my journey as a writer.  I do not easily accept imperfect parts of me as part of my journey as a human.  aha, this is a big deal, a moment as it were…. There is the surface me; loved by me, there is the cosmic me; newly open for exploration by me,  and there is the not the best of me;  pushed away and ignored by me.

Pushed away and/or ignored because the other choice has seemed to be, pick at it like a scab, never let it heal, keep it as an open wound, achingly reminding me of what I am not.  SHEEEESH.  Putting into words my own personal determination of my worth, has me chuckling.  Like I am that important… Just Fuffy!  Eye opening moments, moments of potential for real change happen at unexpected times.  My grocery post was icky.  It does not define me as an icky writer.  Those parts of my that don’t come together at any given moment, are part of my journey to grow, mature, get it right.  They are not failures, I am not a failure, they are opportunities for kind compassionate review, for an aha moment, for growth.

Move to Trash removes the opportunity …






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