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i want a vacation day

March 15, 2013

DD took a last minute vacation day today. Exhausted, overworked, perhaps overwhelmed, she bailed on the day. Took it off. Changed it up, removed the commute, the stress. Actually started the day last night with a not usual dinner and drink out with DBF. Check it out at (her mighty fine blog, says mom)

Her car gets a vacation day too. Old Blue Malibu, sitting on the driveway patiently waiting for the day to begin. He never knows what to expect, loaded for the gym, for a long day at work, sometimes overloaded with overnight bags or treat day bonanza, he shows up ready. He will probably enjoy the vacation day too!

I want a vacation day. Yesterday at accupuncture, my therapist said my pulses showed that I am worn out.. That’s it exactly, I’m not sick, not injured, I’m worn out… My body has been at work so very many hours a day, 7 days a week for very many weeks. My brain has been engaged, challenged, bombarded every minute of those days, hours and weeks. That is enough to wear a person out.. There are 4 weeks of this nuttiness left, the anticipation of which is increasing the drain on the brain, body, mind and soul.

Throw in some good stress, figuring out how in the world the Passover Seder is going to arrive on the table when noone is home to shop for it, cook it or maybe even serve it. Mix in some normal stress, laundry, groceries, family and then smother it in outta control 2nd job, supposed to be fun, baloney blarney ridiculous corporate power plays stress and I am worn out.

I don’t do worn out and I am not enjoying worn out. I think a vacation day would be just the thing to refocus, re-energize and re-engage… Sigh. ( I like that word, used alone, it speaks volumes. I don’t like people who sigh though, so maybe I want to think about the use of the word.) Like a vacation day is going to happen… Nope, Not, No way. Dig in, Dig down and get on with it self. The drawer is full of tax returns, the desk is piled with the regular stuff, there are two major projects and five little details, on we go.

Is there any hope? Why…………, yes, there is. I’m going to take a vacation evening tonight. DD is in charge of dinner… and we are going to book our end April cruise… it is a cruise to nowhere, well actually the boat is going somewhere, but I don’t even want to know. I will be in a deck chair with a book or a Nook, and a tall drink, settled in near to a free soft serve ice cream machine, on vacation.

So, today is not the day, but there are vacation days ahead, I am going to make it… get through it, get on with it and move forward… to my boat, my deck.. V A C A tion… I’ll be there!

When is your next vacation?


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One Comment
  1. TION!
    Book your vacation! You will feel so much better!

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