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heading to the gym

March 13, 2013

today is trainer day, I hate trainer day, I love trainer day

today is 1/2 hour trainer day as my buddy has an appointment

it is going to be awful, it is going to be amazing.

1/2 hour means circuits, she is going to make sure we get in a full 60 minute workout in 30 minutes.

I am not ready, I am never ready, I am less than never ready this week.

and now I am, what is the word? filled with feeling less than good enough (intimidated, it just came to me) because I just read DDs blog about speed training. speed training, are you kidding me? moving training is what I am doing..

check out her blog at

she is amazing… running circles at fast speeds before the sun is up and talking about PBs… I love Peanut Butter, all different kinds, apparently she means Personal Bests, running faster than last year.

My personal best is showing up, actually, showing up whining, whimpering and complaining…

And then there is the after, dripping and shaking…. and then the after after, tomorrow when the actual pain sets in… she, the trainer, can always find a spot to dig into, when my squats and lunges don’t hurt, my triceps and shoulders ache.

oh just fuffy! I am going to finish this blog, get out of my chair, put on my cute work out clothing and my nifty pink brookes sneakers and just get over to the gym… I think I’ll do a little speed training on the treadmill before we begin.. I’ll let you know how that goes!

But first I’ll finish my coffee!


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  1. Debi permalink

    Coffee absolutely must be finished BEFORE the workout or it doesn’t happen at all! Showing up is good-DD’s stuff is great but she is young and has always done it!

  2. Clara permalink

    i’m dressed (and i use the term loosely) and out the door @ 5:20 AM for my morning walk 5 days a week practically every week for the past 8 years… and just showing up will always be my pb! yawn……

  3. You are so sweet!
    I know for full well that you guys work HARD on those circuits! You are strong ladies!

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