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writing fiction…

March 8, 2013

This writing fiction is a lot harder than I thought!!! The first ‘chapter’ was an easy river of words, telling the story of an emotion, flowing from my heart to the paper.

OH, this is a ‘piece of cake’ thought I. (If you know me, the cake was heavily frosted!)

And the next ‘chapters’ seemed to appear on the page easily as well.

But now, this is tough. this morning as I thought about where to take my story, who are the characters that matter, what are they doing, how did the get where they are, I was overwhelmed.

blindsided by the responsibility to do my best, to find the descriptive words, to stay with the integrity of the story, I sat in front of the blank screen, blank.

Well, said I, I don’t have to move forward with this story, I’ll start a new one. I don’t even have to write fiction, I’ll blog about something else today. I don’t even have to blog, I can go back and play spider solitaire for an hour.

.. NO, writing is not optional… I have always wanted to be a writer. February 4th I made a committment to write every day for one year and then see where I am. I am not quitting after one month!!!!

And I am not leaving this story.

I need help, input, training, support. It is highly likely that waking up in the morning and writing a chapter is not a very professional way to go about this. I do think I want to be a professional. Possibly I need a story line, a timeline, a cast of characters, a synopsis, a beginning and an end.

Being hard on myself is ok, I like to do well at what I do, however… I am going to cut myself some slack. I am a CPA in the midst of a tough season, I am writing every day… hurray for me..! I have 29 followers… in just over a month, with no press, no publicize, no facebook… (thank you each one!!!).

I am going to continue to write, to put the words on the screen.. and after 4/15 I am going to find a writer’s group, OH … (lightbulb moment) perhaps a class at the local junior college….

but I will remember one thing, I am writing for me… years ago I took my love of writing to college, signed up for some writing classes and was decimated by the professors, two of them… tore my writing apart. they may have been correct, at that point I didn’t have the innner confidence to accept and trust and so I left writing… This time, I am NOT leaving!!!


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  1. Noreen permalink

    I love your ‘stream of thought’ writings the best, but keep up the good work! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  2. THANK YOU! and look at you, commenting…. next you are going to have your own blog! We will need DD to help us get to the next level! Hugs!

  3. Oh Fluffy, its like it matters now and that’s the hardest wall to break down…..starting a story is the easy bit, taking it somewhere ( and holding it up against your own critique ) is the bit we all get anxious with. No advice, just know that you have an audience that applauds you. Think of it as a stage, if we were in front of you – what would you say today ?

  4. Paula, thank you! I will think of my paper voice as my character..

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