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February 17, 2013

“He went out for the paper and never came back.” Concise, direct explanation of the marriage journey. No need to discuss, he’s gone, it’s over, end of Story. It’s how I have lived my life, straightforward without regret.

I was never one to lay my soul on the table, share my inner feelings with acquaintances or cry on a shoulder. Life is for living and tomorrow is so much more interesting than yesterday. There have been alot of tomorrows, alot of adventures along the way.

I still feel that way as I close in on the end of my life. I know that end is near, my strength is waining, my body is no longer responsive to my mind’s commands. It seemed like a sensible decision to make one more annual trip from my home in New Mexico back to the midwest to visit a few old friends and make sure that my fabulous implants were still right with the world. But something has gone dreadfully wrong, I have fallen again and this time, I think I’ve really done some damage.

I am in a bed, in some sort of institution… beige walls, beige bedding, beige food and those in charge are treating me as though I am an old lady. Obviously they don’t know me, can’t they see my wit, humor and amazing implants?

It can’t end here, I won’t have it. I’m checking out and going home.. There is that strong young man who comes in to turn me, lift me. He is kind. I think he understands that the shell in this bed is not me. I must finish this life and leave this bag of bones behind on my terms, in MY bed, in MY home. It will be done..

Clara, if you read this, you know the genesis.. thank you!


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  1. Clara permalink

    Well that is amazing!

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