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I FFound My Phone

February 6, 2013


We are together again, my phone and I… it was such a stressful time.. waiting for the morning, thinking about how I would organize the search for my phone.. it was a cold Chicago morning, the snow was lightly dusting the street and reflecting in the glow of the streetlamps.

my Chevy was in the garage, it is a tight fit for the car, it would not be easy to open the doors and dive into the search. Maybe I should pull the car out of the garage to ease the search access. It was cold, very cold, 8 degrees.. what to wear? I chose a layered look topped with my ancient U of I parka, hat and scarf.. I kept my gloves in my pocket in case I needed them, but I knew it would be important to have my fingers free to locate my phone, IF it was there..

Slowly I backed the car out of the garage, parking it where the outdoor lights would shine best.. Of course they are motion sensitive and so if I didn’t keep moving, all would be dark again..

OK, I’m ready phone, I’m coming for you… not in the console, not in the little cubby where I keep you when you are charging in the car, not on the passenger seat..(Next time I’m going to make you wear your seatbelt!).. not on the floor.. BUT WAIT.. is that you? tucked between the seats, way down there on the floor? Yes, I think it is you… I can see the glimmer of your purple cover… OH, I can FEEL you.. but I can’t get my fingers around you… will you slide forward? NO bound by the hardware of the seat, you are trapped… talk to me, you didn’t answer when I called from the house phone last night…

I promise, I’ll take the entire seat out if that is what is required to save you.. I promise I will..

My heart is beating fast, what if I can’t free you… AH, you are moving a bit… just raise up over that metal barrier and I will have you… THERE.. we are reunited.. you are so cold… and WHAT are you saying?… your battery is in crisis, the battery picture with the scary red bar at the bottom is all that is left… I’ll get help, I will save you.. let’s get inside and get you on life support..

We made it… you are charged, all my words with friends folk waited for me, the office survived last night without my email responses. I’ll never take you for granted again.. Name? you want a name? What shall it be..

If you read this, please advise..


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  1. Hooray for your ffound phone and your new blog!

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