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…. chubby cheetah is ok

yup, made it through the day..  yup, the pound is still gone… each day he is gone, he is further gone… well not always, but this pound is GONE…

one more day til the weekend, I am keeping the weekend at two days… no need to face the challenge of a 3 day weekend, two days are hard enough as it is..

so today I am not working, but I am BUSY… very BUSY… thus food, move to the back burner, chill out, back off…. I am not interested unless you are healthy, nutritious, real and necessary…

ooo, big talk from the cheetah….

and it is not going to rain… and I have over 60,000 steps with 3 days left in my week…. self goal is to hit more than 100,000 steps this week…

so off I go now, just wanted you to know I am GOOD… cause the pound is GONE…

how are YOU?

…. what are you reading?

Well, it was a great day at the book store!  Some days/weeks no books catch my eye, tug at my interest or make it into the Nook or book bag…

Yesterday was a bonanza day of books… and actually the last week or so has been exciting…

I like a good story, not too scary, not too raunchy, maybe a bit off center…. Last summer some young friends opened my eyes/mind to character development… Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour book store comes to mind…  and the Journey of Henry Fry..

This weekend, I am meeting up with these young friends in a setting of relaxation with lots of time to chat…. can’t wait to hear what they are reading..

In the meanwhile, two books recommended on magazine summer reading lists already reside on my Nook:

Beautiful Ruins and

The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty

as well as Silver Star by Jeannette Walls… sure to be a page turner.

But then, a trip to the library turned into a rewarding trip to the local book store… where every table and shelf was filled with interesting titles…  I like to gather and then sit and absorb, review, and decide.

My Grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry is now on my Nook (1/2 the price of the hardcover).  I want to read it all day all night… Interestingly, I had seen the title Ove displayed on the help desk, walked on by, and then discovered both of these books are by the same Swedish author… and looking amazing.  So the paperback Ove came home with me.

Paperbacks are perfect for reading outside when either the sunlight or proximity of water suggest an electronic reader. may not be the wisest choice.. so,

The Medea Complex and

The Angel of Losses

are in the book bag, well actually now still on the couch beside me.  Both a little dark for me, but the plot twists and turns and the premise pulled me in.

sigh… You wonder how could such a lovely post about good reads illicit a sigh…. because… two things..

I have started them all and just don’t know what to read first… thank goodness I am not working today!  (although I do have a few things to do: market, bake, exercise, have a facial, visit my elderly volunteer responsibility folk… do laundry, wait for the plumber to fix the leaking pipe so I can do more laundry, empty the bucket under the leaking pipe.. hope the plumber can fix/replace he leaking pipe, worry about the leaking pipe… but I digress!

and understand that I really cannot read all of these books at one time and I am going to have to, want to SHARE.  OY.  I love sharing books, however not so much love for sharing books I have not yet read… what if I don’t have them back when I am ready to read them?  What if one gets lost?  What if someone tells me the plot/ending?  What if….. the sun falls from the sky…. OK, so I will share!

But now it is time to read for a bit…. and then … on we go..

are reads in process… and… WOW!

…. chubby cheetah and the pound

… the next pound is gone.  It has taken all week..

I have eaten well, walked my a…. off, reduced chocolate, avoided alcohol.

This was a HARD pound…. worth it?

Before I answer that, let’s discuss the weekend ahead, and not just any weekend, HOLIDAY weekend, LONG weekend, PARTY weekend.  So, that pound is gone, but he is near, very near… lurking, waiting, observing, taunting…. (wonder why the pound is a he, pounds could be she… I think a he, because they are by definition ornery, annoying, troublesome, and on a good day, so much fun!)

Back to the pound, the recently departed pound… the one sitting just outside of me saying, I am here… I can hop on in a nano second…. just give me the slightest opening and I will immediately return and be snugly attached!  Say the word, walk a little less, have some pound gone celebratory chocolate and I am ready…. and when I come back, I will be sure to latch on even more tightly… I don’t like it out here in the cold (very cold for July in Chi town, 55 degrees this am, but I digress).

Damn pound!  Can’t he leave the city, state, country, universe?  Once gone why can’t he be GONE forever?

What you say?  I am in charge of that pound?  Me?  How can that be?  I did not invite him, I did not want him…. or any of his friends who are carpet bagging all over my adorable self.

OH, personal responsibility for the Damn pound…. a sigh just doesn’t cut it for this pound…. he and me have been coexisting for a number of months… it has been an on again, off again relationship… You KNOW what I mean! Ha… that is why he is a he, we know about those relationships!

So, if I am ready to let go, move on, be strong, live the life I say I want…  then this HOLIDAY weekend is Mt Kilamanjaro, the big kahuna, the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT of weight management..

I am fresh, young, untested…. naïve.. (sounds good, don’t believe it for a minute) thus this pound and I must take our trial separation to the next level.  Like a bad boyfriend, am I ready to truly end the relationship with this pound?  Not only close, but lock the door on this pound…. ?

Well that sets it up rather well, more well than I would like… I have rejoiced at the pound gone, whined at the pound back and continued the cycle for much too long.

The weekend is nothing, a gnat on the wall, there will always be weekends, parties, stray chocolate, events…. excuses.

sigh.  Excuses, excusiology…. sigh.

I wanted to tell you about my pound gone and then get some sympathy for the timing, big weekend ahead… poor me, what can I do?  stuff myself, eat lots, sit, drink.. feel so happy with the weekend, and then cry, whine, obsess and wonder why that pound came back… back with a friend… poor me.

ok, Got it… thanks for the help… I am done with this pound, whatever it takes… this pound and I are finished.

…. chubby cheetah has to go to the gym

…. ah, the dreaded trainer…. I caught a break for a few weeks as my buddy training partner had an injury… unrelated to the gym… she is healed… and last week we went back for a training session after a month away..

No other way to say it, it was HELL… on wheels, without wheels, fully HELLISH…. brutal.

Also awesome, amazing, fabulous and wonderful… (after it was over!)

so today we go back… I am sore going in…. over 90,000 steps and a yoga session last week…. nearly 18,000 steps yesterday… and over 100 weeds pulled……the chubby cheetah’s less than youthful body feels it… everywhere…  and doesn’t want to go.

sigh.  Yes, I will go.

Because what are the options…. a flabby chubby body?  NO NO NO!   taut tight strong chubbiness is infinitely cuter than the alternative!  (of course assuming that cute is valid applied to older cheetahs!)

Of course lack of chubbiness is even cuter!  So that makes even another reason to work the muscles, to walk before the workout,  to get the heart rate up… apparently a raised heart rate from playing a frustrating level of candy crush saga is not as valuable as actually moving more than ones fingers…

another sigh!

Yesterday I picked up a package delivered to the wrong address… I didn’t know the lovely lady who notified me of the package arrival… lovely 40 something, dressed to kill, in full out car pool driving mode…. I pull in, I can see the package on the front steps, she told me it weighed 35#…..she  took one look at my (in her opinion) ‘advanced age’… and said…. OH WAIT, I will get that for you!

HRRRRRMPH! Like that was going to happen…. I put on my most sweet face and voice… and said… OH, I may be old, but I am actually quite strong… grabbed that box…. like a box of Kleenex and tossed it into the car…. jumped… climbed into the driver’s seat and drove away… waiting for my heart rate to stabilize.

I mean really….

So, there is just another reason to attend the training session…. ego!

Whatever the reason, it is time to go… I can delay no longer…. Will you work out today?

…. chubby cheetah is not alone…

such a surprise!

Weight is a walk we walk alone, or at least we think we do….

In our own mind, we ‘fail’ and tear ourselves apart… thinking we are the only person ever who fell into a bucket of fritos and couldn’t get out.

We think we are the only person who somehow convinced themselves that buying the vast version of chocolate covered everything will not result in overeating.

Rarely do we realize that we are not the only individual thinking we will lose a dramatic  amount of weight in a very small bit of time, without removing above vast quantities of crap from our space, or actually going to the gym!.

sigh. (I mean really, one has to sigh at such profound truths!)

And then…. Hopefully we,

Wake up, smell the veggies, drop the story line, and get on with our future….

So dear Debi, I left work at lunchtime yesterday, went to the grocer, bought chicken breasts and salsa, came home, put both items into the crockpot, turned it on high and went back to work….. ( I do work close to home and the grocer.)

5 hours later, amazing smells welcoming me… forked the cooked chicken into pulled chicken, turned the crockpot to low and left the chicken to soak up more salsa.  THEN, took my portion into a fry pan and wilted lots of spinach into the dish.

Oh just yum.  Filling. Satisfying.  AND, a wonderful feeling of ‘look at me continue forward after the weekend of no weight gain’.

Then DD mentioned veggies…. Spinach is a veggie, but I think she is thinking of multiple veggies. Volume of veggies.  Looks like it is back to the grocer again today…. I do have lots of fruit, such a fine time for berries, grapes, oranges, cherries, melons… They are delightful, even without a chocolate covering or side!

As I read other blogs, I hear despair, fear of never succeeding, frustration, and self loathing.  these are strong words… Weight has to do with pounds, but even more with emotion… internal emotion… so chicken and veggies will help… they set the stage for success…

…. there is other work to do…. the hard work of personal growth, internal acceptance and self knowledge… Easy to say, hard to do… chubby cheetah is an ‘old’ cheetah.. working this for not years, but decades… and still a work in process.

Each day is as much of an adventure as we decide to let it be, as much of an opportunity as we allow it to be..

Let’s do it together… continue to join together… focus on our successes, there is no success too small in this battle.. What will you do today?

I am heading out to pull my 100 weeds for the day and then take a 4 mile walk…  I must just comment on these weeds, I do not live slothfully in a weed patch… the weeds sneak in overnight, poking up their snotty little heads, taunting me.. and protected by swarms of mosquitos who want to eat me… but I persist, 100 minimum per day…. if I can best the weeds and survive the mosquitos, I can certainly learn to manage my weight!!!!!

…. chubby cheetah starts a new week, another new week….

… the next new week….

Keeping food in the friend zone has some interesting posts on root needs… she hits on basic stuff that we know… we eat for many reasons other than hunger, nutrition or even taste.

We eat our feelings… and eating our feelings will never solve our feelings…. sheesh!

Check out for a great recap of the weekend and a link to our amazing chef Stephanie.

and then work with me this week, as I continue the journey…. there may be some feelings to eat as the washing machine seems to have sprung a leak…. the dishwasher is dropping the divide the dishes prongs daily and… it is still raining…

However, the weekend really was a resounding success, on all fronts… back to to grab the joy of the bride to be and the fun family time…

and then back to me …. cause I managed it well, balanced the food and persecco, cheese plate, pizza and nosh all in moderation… and gained no weekend weight..

So, that is not to say that I lost weight… drumroll…. but I gained no weekend weight…

How often have you worked it all week only to give it back on the weekend!  I know you know what I’m talkin about!!!!

Here is my takeaway, if there ever was a weekend that give back would have been worth it, this would have been one of them… a private nearly famous chef preparing a magnificent multi course celebration complemented with multi bottles of persecco, followed by hours of cheese plate, day drinking our favorite persecco, BLU… all in beautiful sunshine… followed by pizza and hours of laughter… only to sleep and continue the next day… finishing last night with another celebration at Weber Grill.

worth it on all fronts… and yet.. possible to celebrate every bit of the weekend… with moderate food intake..

I think that does go back to the eat the feelings… when the stars are aligned, when life is good, food is a pleasure, a part of an event.. it is not the event.

When feelings are running wild, there is not enough food, even crappy food, to settle the mind.  aha moment, food is not meant to settle the mind!  Food is nutrition and when it is not nutrition it is meant to be pleasure, experience, art.

sigh (just has to get that in there!)

AND, exercise offsets intake….

Last week was the first week with 6 out of 7 days over 10,000 steps, and two of the days over 15,000 steps… plus one difficult yoga class…

Done, weekend over, week ahead…. what is the plan?

First rescue the crockpot from the soggy laundry room, and take Debi’s advice… a simple pot of chicken breast and salsa of choice will make a wonderful base for several meals.

Next, keep up the steps… and get to the gym for yoga, something aerobic, and some strength training..

… all the while working with the messy parts of life, to read, think, meditate, journal, moving forward… that next pound is waiting… to be battled and removed…

What is your plan for the week?

… chubby cheetah and the salads…

… I ate more than one salad this week.

… actually they have been quite good!

…. and filling

…. who knew?

since what I have been doing has not been removing weight (thanks Kelly for reminding me that we are removing it, not losing it…. because what we ‘lose’, we look for…. and NOONE is looking for weight!!!!), or removing it rapidly enough…. or permanently enough, I decided I needed to rethink.

… salad came to mind.

I don’t eat salad in the winter.. or not much salad anyway… and I can live with that, but there is no reason to not eat salad in the summer.  (Even if it is raining…. and Chicago has become the new Seattle, it rains all the time!)

Salad can be as creative as time and energy to create allow.. Salad can also be purchased and is likely less calorie, nutritionally offensive than other purchased food… such as the chicken soaked in sugar water.

Salad can be a ‘heavy’ meal with protein, carbs galore, or a light meal with veggies galore… or a blend…

Chubby Cheetah is talking herself into more salads…. salad, salad, salad… the mantra for the upcoming week is salad.

after today…

Because today is DD’s first wedding shower!!!! The hostess has purchased 15 bottles of bubbles for 20 people and I have more for the after shower party….  The hostess has hired a well known Chicago chef to create an amazing lunch and I have a full out cheese plate for the after shower party.  (Thanks DD and DIL for teaching me about cheese plates, there is an art to the cheese, to the jelly, to the nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, along with crackers…… and bubbly)

So the shower starts at noon and is likely to go until midnight…. or later, depending on whether Lush in Lakeview or Weiner Circle in maybe Edgewater are involved….


I can do this.. I can do this without eating all day long.. I can taste, I can sip, I can find a way to get some steps… (it has been a very good week with steps, I don’t want to give back the pace)

and I can also say that the pounds chubby cheetah is looking to remove did not arrive yesterday and will not leave today… it is about every day… and today is to be enjoyed…. savored… and tomorrow is another day…. another beginning, another first day of the rest of the improve chubby cheetah project..

and it starts with yoga at Namaskar in Lakeview…..

and on we go..

What is your favorite salad?  What is your best recovery after a really foodie day secret?


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